What do I do?

I am currently a Postdoctoral scientist at the University of Wyoming as part of both the Weiss-Lehman lab group and the Modelscape consortium. I’m working on a modeling framework to incorporate interspecific effects into structured population models, and also contribute to collaborative projects that improve our ability to model ecological time series.

I recieved my PhD in Ecology from the University of Wyoming in the Program in Ecology and Evolution and the Botany Department, where I worked with Dr. Daniel Laughlin. My doctoral research investigated how environmental variation across space and time drives plant demographic processes, with a specific focus on how plant leaf and root traits mediate the effect of drought on demographic rates in western grass-dominated ecosystems. I also developed an R package to translate maps of plant occurrence into growth, survival, reproduction, and competition data for further analysis. You can find more about my research projects here.

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Alice Stears